IRB Services

You need high quality, timely reviews so that you can get your study in the clinic. Pearl IRB will efficiently manage your local or central IRB needs so that you don’t have to worry about this critical piece of the research process. Whether the study is a small one site project, or a complex multi-center study, we can serve your requirements. Our Board has decades of IRB and research experience and their expertise ranges across therapeutic categories, drugs, biologics, devices, and all phases of research. We serve large and small institutions, principal investigators, CROs, and sponsors.   IRB service offerings include:

IRB board review services


Pearl IRB believes that complete and accurate preparation of study documents is key to getting a study initiated in a timely manner. We are willing to work with you up front to ensure that the submission packet is ready for a successful IRB review. Support service offerings include:

Medical Writing

Site Monitoring

Process Optimization

Research support/staffing


Fee Schedule

See our Fee Schedule to review our fees and services pricing, and please contact us at for detailed pricing of your research project, or information about additional services.

Case Studies

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