Submission Instructions

Ready to get started with your IRB submission? After working with our Business Development Director, you should be ready to move on to the following steps with your approved proposal. In some cases, our Business Development Director will be in contact with you to schedule a kick-off meeting, especially for new clients.

Step #1:  We suggest all new, and perhaps, returning clients start by reading our Submission Guide and Policies document first. This document is provided to introduce you to Pearl IRB, its board members, the types of reviews conducted, the steps necessary to prepare for an IRB review, the review process, possible review outcomes, and study closeout procedures. This information will benefit all visitors by introducing them to Pearl IRB and its review process.

Step #2:  Please fill out the relevant forms for your submission and email them to

Step #3:  Finally, you will receive an Email from the IRB Coordinator introducing you to our secure web portal (EGNYTE), where you will be able to share and upload all of your submission forms. For upload instructions, please click here.


For additional assistance, contact us at