On Friday, January 19, 2018, we celebrated our annual Pearl IRB “Day of Caring” event. Each year, we partner with a local organization in need to give back to the community. This year, Pearl partnered with Concord Neighborhood Center in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

A few highlights from this year’s Day of Caring included:

  • Moving 190 boxes onto a shredder truck
  • Cleaning out and organizing a supply closet
  • Interacting with a great group of kids through several rounds of dodgeball and a game involving marshmallows and spaghetti
  • Niki Girls, the Executive Director of Concord Neighborhood Center, who served as our gracious host throughout the day and kept our group busy and organized

Ultimately, the Pearl team worked hard and played hard! Giving back to a center in the same neighborhood as our headquarters was deeply impactful, especially given the great work that Concord Neighborhood Center does year round in our community.